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Pathway tools web server behind nginx


I am trying to run pathway tools behind an nginx reverse proxy, so I can access it using http://<server_ip>/pathwaytools/.

But I am hitting the issue that all of the static assets (i.e. the javascript and css etc) are referenced absolutely in the html, as an example <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/combined/combined.css">, and pathway tools expects to be running at http://<server_ip>/. Pathway tools then does a request to http://<server_ip>/combined/combined.css which isn't then picked up by the nginx reverse proxy and 404's.

To combat this, sometimes with webapps/webservers there's a way to set the context path it's running on, so it can change the static content URL's accordingly - is there anyway to specify the context path in the pathway tools web server application? Or anything else I can set/change to combat this?

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated :)