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How to save pathway images with omics data overlaid?


I am using the desktop version of pathway tools, currently version 19.0 on windows 7 professional. I have to use the desktop version as the PGDB I want to view is not available online.

I can make some nice images with omics data overlaid onto individual pathways. I first display the omics data on the cellular omics viewer, then right click on a pathway of interest, select pathway and then display pathway information in popup window.

I have two questions: -I am not able to save these images to a file, is there a way to do this? -More usefully I would like to be able to automatically gather all relevant pathways with omics data overlaid and have these saved to a file. Is there a way to do this, possibly using an API for example?

My key problem is saving many pathway images with data from multiple experiments (e.g multiple transcriptomic experiments) from an offline PGDB. Any other solutions on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Iain