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How to propagate MetaCyc data updates in Patway Tools 19.5


I include the link ( to the previous question/answer which was made with an anonymous account.

I have downloaded a BioCyc Tier 3 PGDB in Pathway Tools from the PGDB Registry. This PGDB was originally made with Pathologic using Pathway Tools 18.5 and MetaCyc 18.5.

I would like to use this PGDB for metabolic modeling purposes using MetaFlux, however to allow proper manual curation and according to this blog ( I'd need to propagate updates in MetaCyc to my PGDB. I have already upgraded the PGDB schema to the new Pathway Tools 19.5, however according to the manual this does not include the propagation of MetaCyc updates.

I have already done some manual curation (e.g. pruning false-positive pathways, ...) which I would like to keep, but no major Reaction or Pathway edits (although I may want to do this in the future).

How could I make the 'Propagate MetaCyc Data Updates' available in my version of Pathway Tools?