Protect yourself with EMF Radiation Protection

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Whether you work at a computer all day or just want to relax in a hammock, you need to make sure that you're protected from EMF radiation. Non-ionizing EMFs can cause harm to the body. In fact, some studies have shown that they may be cancer-causing.

Non-ionizing EMFs in the radiofrequency range are a possible human carcinogen
Non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are energy-producing electromagnetic fields that can cause cancer. Recent scientific evidence has shown that exposure to these electromagnetic fields can cause cancer. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has largely rejected the evidence. ICNIRP members conflict with interest. They have an interest in minimizing EMF risks in the environment.

Children and adults are at risk from non-ionizing EMFs. EMF exposure is especially dangerous for children. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that EMF exposure is "possibly" carcinogenic. This means that even a slight increase in risk could be clinically significant.

Shielding can increase radiation levels in the area being shielded
Shielding has been recommended in X-ray examinations for decades, but new research is upending the practice. A group of prominent medical groups has warned that shielding can impair diagnostic tests and inadvertently increase a patient's exposure to radiation. Radiologists are also reevaluating how shields are used due to recent advancements in imaging technology.

Despite this, the amount of radiation absorbed by the area shielded is proportional to the thickness of the shield. The maximum shield thickness will result in the greatest reduction of the absorbed dose. Shields thinner than the maximum thickness will not affect the absorbed doses. Shields made from lead can reduce doses more effectively than shields made from other materials. As a result, a lead shield can be used as a protective shield for the eye or breast.

Shielding phone cases
Protective phone cases can be a great way to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. These covers can block up to 100% of EMF radiation. These protective cases have been certified by the FCC and are designed to protect your phone against harmful radiation.

While some phone cases claim to block EMF radiation from the environment, others do not have any evidence. Spectra Cases, for example, shield radio frequency and heat radiation. These cases are available for most cell phone brands and are designed to reduce harmful radiation without impacting signal capabilities.

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