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The prostate is a little male gland put in between the bladder and the bowel which can nearly double in size during puberty due to certain changes in the male hormone testosterone. Many years of research has still not been equipped to discover the exact purpose of the prostate gland although it is known that fluid coming from the prostate mixes with sperm during ejaculation.
Many middle aged males will face problems with an enlarged prostate gland. Though the expansion of prostate is generally benign and referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), there is surely a chances of it getting malignant.
If you're a male and more than 50 years of age, you're likely to be vulnerable of developing some form of prostate problem. This can be an inflammation, an enlargement or a cancer of the prostate gland. diagnosis and Treatment at a first stage of all of these circumstances is important as all prostate problems are (progressive).



You will find 3 main types of prostate gland disorder
Prostatitis. An irritation brought on by infection of the prostate gland. This may cause pain and irregular urination.
Benign (prostate flow supplement) Hyperplasia. This is an enlargement of the gland which places considerable pressure on the urethra leading to trouble to (urinate) and an inability to totally empty the bladder.
Prostate Cancer - A malignant growth or even tumor.



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