GRID the rebooted arcade vehicle racing game that put in danger the DiRT dominance

asked 2022-08-22 08:50:28 -0500

A reboot of Codemasters' game series, GRID's brand of racing is electric. A great sense of speed combines handling and exhilarating actions to form an adventure that is truly without equal. It's the amalgamation of arcade and simulation sensibilities, offering competition yet letting you have a good deal of fun competing for first place. After years in the garage tuning itself up, Codemasters has returned with GRID, a revival of its popular racing series. The genre has come a long way so does it bring enough to the table to be noticed? Let's take a look. (GRID Xbox One)

Car race at 12 racing locations in different weather conditions and at different times. Compete in extreme races on circuits that are world-famous city roads, and, featuring brands hatch, Shanghai, Havana, Indianapolis and many more, with multiple routes at every location and varied period of day and weather conditions. Players can race great modern and classic automobiles. You can choose from a huge collection of vehicle classes. Modern cars like Ferrari 488 GTE and the Porsche 911 RSR. Classic cars including the Ford GT40 and pontiac firebird altered are available to drive.

It helps that GRID looks so great. Playing on xbox, the visuals are colourful sharp and detailed. Unlike other track racers, GRID does not understand the meaning of the word'sterile'. And there are no performance hiccups

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