Dental Health During Pregnancy

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Although your dental health plays an important part in your overall health in your everyday life, it is particularly significant during pregnancy when you are much more vulnerable to dental problems. Pregnancy can cause dental problems in a few women, including gum diseases and increased tooth decay. This is caused as a result of increased huge increase in hormones making your gums much more delicate to toxic irritants in plaque, which often can lead to (gingivitis). This may result in bleeding & inflammation of gums.
By timely diagnosis, early treatment as well as management of maternal oral problems, you can lower the chance of childhood caries.

Oral Problems During Pregnancy
Several of the common dental problems that is taking place on women which are expectant are oral lesions, dental caries, gingivitis, pregnancy dental tumor, so the problem of loose teeth. Gingivitis is the commonest dental issue that affects nearly sixty to seventy percent of ladies which are expectant. It's caused because of imbalance in estrogen and progesterone hormones coupled with fluctuations in dental flora. Increased female hormones can in addition affect the periodontium, which might further end in loosening of teeth even in the absence of periodontal disease. girls which are Pregnant are usually more prone to go through from tooth decay as a result of increased acidity in oral cavity, consumption of sugary meal and also neglected dental health.

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