Teeth Grinding plus Bruxism Explained - 2 Things You Need to Know

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Bruxism comes from the Greek word' brychein' which literally means teeth grinding or gnashing of the teeth. Millions of people suffer from this particular condition worldwide. Estimates are not easy to find out as it is mainly an unconscious state while asleep but widespread figures put the number at about 50 % of the worldwide population. That is Part of the 6.5 billion people living on this planet. It is a staggering figure although the real shocker is that under ten % of those people are actually cognizant of their teeth grinding condition. You yourself can have bruxism and not realize it.
You may be to ask now, "Then why haven't I heard about it before? Where would be the warnings from the medical community?" The easy answer to that is no one truly understands a lot about bruxism because it is seemingly regarded as untreatable by the common medical researchers and community can't figure out what causes tooth grinding. Teeth grinding alone may not be that big of an issue to majority of people in the earlier stages of its but it can lead to much more severe complications such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) which has been proven to result in agonizing headaches, back or shoulder pain, chronic jaw discomfort, the list and stomach pains simply goes on.

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