Stop Grinding Teeth - causes in addition to Cures

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Bruxism describes the inadvertent clenching or even grinding of teeth in sleep. The term' bruxism' originates from a Greek word meaning "gnashing of teeth". Statistics show that lots of people will be affected it a bit in their lifetime and actually millions of men and women are enduring the problem. It might be moderate enough to not be a serious health problem, nevertheless, it can result in severe harm to the health of the teeth and mouth when left unseen to.
Ordinarily involving teeth grinding in sleep, the problem can even occur in short naps. Unbelievably, clenching of the tooth or even grinding them on a continuous basis, can take place with that strength that permanent trauma to the gums as well as tooth is normally the outcome. Actually, even the enamel, the mechanism and the roots of the jaw can be affected.
Signs that could indicate one is grinding one's teeth are: awakening with a throbbing tooth or perhaps a tender jaw

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