Minecraft Java Survival Servers

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Minecraft Survival Servers Bedrock
Bedrock Edition for Minecraft is setup for compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, XBox, PS4, Windows 10 and others.
One of the best Bedrock Minecraft servers out there is Mineplex. They've been running since January 2013, first as a Java server but now also host a Bedrock edition (which is way more popular) on their pe platform at http://pe.mineplex.com.

Vanilla Minecraft Survival Servers
Vanilla servers tend to be quick and easy to setup and have no plugins that modify the game. This makes Survival in the Minecraft community the plainest or purest version of the game it can possibly be. Some people might call this ordinary or default

People tend toward setting up a semi-vanilla survival server that allow a few mods that help with gameplay and anti-hacker mods. Minecraft Vanilla Servers that have the survival experience are difficult to find.

Several semi-vanilla servers to look out for are:

Vanilla Europa is a semi-vanilla Minecraft Server with simple mods for anti-griefing.

​Simply-Vanilla SMP use minimal plugins and data packs. They and strive for a community-driven experience, similar to that of early hermitcraft/classic Minecraft multiplayer.

Small Minecraft Survival Servers
To find a small Survival Minecraft Server that you might like, it is a good idea to browse through an advertised Minecraft Server list and sort the servers by the quanty of players connected. A small server could be defined as any server that has less than 100 players online, but this number could vary depending on what you arelooking for in a server. If you want a more intimate Survival experience, then a smaller server might be the better for you. You can get to know the other players on the server quicker and form closer bonds with them. However, if you prefer a busier active environment, then a larger server might be a better choice. No matter what you are looking for just be sure to look through a few different server lists to find the ideal server.

Minecraft Survival Servers
Survival is one of the oldest and original gameplay types in Minecraft's history, based around gathering resources, building bases, fighting mobs and exploring the map. The Game itself has been available since 5/2009, and continues to be a thriving gameplay type installed in the community today.

Freedonia (MinecraftOnline) has the privilege of being the first created survival server It was setup within 1 hour of the Minecraft's Survival multiplayer being released. Launched way back on 4th August 2010, it has never been refreshed and is still functioning today!

Minecraft Survival Servers for Java
If you're looking for a true challenge in Minecraft, then Survival is the gameplay mode for you. It's all about scavenging for resources, building a sturdy base, fighting off hostile mobs, and venturing into the unknown. It's a mode that tests your resourcefulness and creativity, and it's been around since the very beginning of Minecraft. Survival ... (more)

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