Minecraft Survival Servers that are Small

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Best Minecraft Survival Servers
Without a doubt everyone that plays Minecraft will know that Hypixel is one of the most played and known servers for the game. With an all time peak of over 200,000 players online, it's clear that this server is a force to be reckoned with. But what makes Hypixel so popular?
For starters, Hypixel has a varied selection of minigames and features for players to enjoy.

Whether you're seeking to compete in a competitive game mode, or just relax and build with other players, there's something for everyone on Hypixel.
Another reason Hypixel could be popular is because of the flourishing community that surrounds it. The server is home to some of the most friendly and helpful players you'll ever meet.

Other notable Minecraft servers that offer a great survival experience are Minefille,ManaCube and SurviveWithUs. All three servers have a great community, offer a variety of features and mini-games, and are regularly updated. If you're looking for a fun and challenging survival experience, be sure to check out one of these servers!

Bedrock Minecraft Survival Servers
Bedrock for Minecraft is setup for compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, XBox, PS4, Windows 10 and others.
One of the best Minecraft Bedrock Servers out there is Mineplex. They've been running since January 2013, first as a Java server but now also host a Bedrock edition (which is way more popular) on their pe platform at http://pe.mineplex.com.

Minecraft Vanilla Survival Servers
Minecraft Vanilla Servers tend to be quick and easy to setup and have no plugins that modify the game. This makes Survival in the Minecraft community the plainest or purest version of the game it can possibly be. Some people might call this ordinary or default

ServerOwners tend toward setting up a semi-vanilla survival server that allow a few mods that setup gameplay and anti-hacker mods. Vanilla Servers that have the survival experience are hard to find.

A couple of semi-vanilla servers to check out are:

Vanilla Europa is a semi-vanilla Minecraft Server with simple mods for anti-griefing.

​Simply-Vanilla SMP use minimal plugins and data packs. They and strive for a community-driven experience, similar to that of early hermitcraft/classic Minecraft multiplayer.

Small Minecraft Survival Servers
To find any small Survival Server that you might like, it is a good idea to look through an online Minecraft Server list and filter the servers by the quanty of players online. A small server could be defined as any server that has less than 100 players online, but this amount could vary depending on what you arealso wanting in a server. If you want a more intimate Survival experience, then a smaller server might be the best shot. You can get to know the other players on the server quicker and form closer bonds with them. However, if you prefer a busier active environment, then a larger server might be a better choice. No matter ... (more)

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