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You should use the desk for the Sun 3/80 to set the values within the previous Sun PROM monitor. Knowing and understanding what is happening on-line in the meanwhile may be useful data when it comes to business and realizing the place to start focussing all of your efforts. OpenBoot PROM. You can also get the digital handle of the NVRAM by trying at the output of /usr/and many others/devinfo -vp under Sun OS 4.1.x or /usr/sbin/prtconf -vp beneath Solaris 2.x. On sun4c machines, the IDPROM starts at offset 0x7d8 from the beginning of the NVRAM. EXPIRATION DATE: The usual reminder: you'll want to check the expiration date subsequent

to your identify on the tackle. Note that we added 0x1000 to the bodily deal with in the above desk, as defined above. Anyway the code above fixes the issue I have seen. It can also be brought on by a glitch within the Boot PROM code that causes the system to suppose there's a mismatch after you energy off the system. C code for a generic alternative sysinit module is included in change solar hostid which is out there from the websites listed near the start of this doc.

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