Emma (TV series 1972)

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„Emma" (English Emma) is a television series based on the novel of the same name by the English writer Jane Austen, released on British television screens in 1972.

The film has no official translation into Russian.


Emma enthusiastically controls the small provincial town of Highbury. As time passes, the girl realizes that it is very easy to confuse good intentions with self-satisfaction. Emma is indifferent to the feelings of other people, although she pretends to be acting with the best intentions. The incorrigible Miss Woodhouse, who foresaw the marriage of her governess and friend Miss Taylor, had a new desire: to make a party from the local priest Mr. Elton and her new friend Harriet Smith. But there are reasons for restraint – a neighbor, Mr. Knightley. He has known the Woodhouse family for a long time. George Knightley has been observing Emma since childhood, controversially speaking about her behavior …


  • Doran Godwin – Emma Woodhouse
  • Donald Eccles – mr woodhouse
  • John Carson – mr knightley
  • Yves Tai – John Knightley
  • Belinda Tai – Isabella Knightley
  • Mary Holder – Mrs Bates
  • Constance Chapman – miss bates
  • Anya Marson – Jane Fairfax
  • Robert East – Frank Churchill
  • Raymond Adamson – mr weston
  • Ellen Dryden – Mrs Weston
  • Timothy Peters – mr elton
  • Fiona Walker – Mrs Elton
  • Molly Sugden – Mrs Goddard
  • Debbie Bowen – Harriet smith
  • John Alkin – mr martin

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