Elginia Elginia

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Elginia (lat.Elginia mirabilis) is a species of parareptile-anapsids from the family Elginiidae of the clade of pareiasaurs that lived during the Permian period (Changsin age) on the territory of modern Scotland (Great Britain).

Skull of Elginia

The https://mak86.ml/home.php?mod=space&uid=98215&do=profile (species) is described from two more or less complete skeletons of adults found near Elgin. In 2000, a skeleton of a young individual was found, only 25 cm long. In the http://www.jhshe.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1024216&do=profile&from=space (sediments) of the Vyaznikovsky complex of the terminal Permian of Eastern Europe (Vladimir region), fragments of the skull of https://intecorp.ru/user/LizzieStrunk732/ (Elginia) are known.

The length of the skull is about 15 cm, the total length is up to 1 meter. The skull is low, triangular, there is an ear notch, the integumentary bones are covered with a finely recessed structure. Spines are very developed, forming a pair of backward-directed „horns". The base of the thorns is flattened and sculpted

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