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Pathway Tools: Unresponsive GUI

asked 2013-05-01 19:04:13 -0500

anonymous user


Pathway Tools does not respond. How do I continue?

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answered 2013-05-01 19:07:12 -0500

quang777 gravatar image

If you find that the software hangs and does not respond to your input, try the following:

  • Wait 30 seconds — the software may be computing or performing memory management.
  • Check if the NUMLOCK mode on your keyboard has been selected by pressing the NUMLOCK key. Selection of NUMLOCK mode interferes with almost all Pathway Tools operations.
  • On some computers, your mouse pointer must lie within the window to which you wish your typing to be directed, or you must click on the window to which you wish your typing to be otherwise that window will not receive your typing.
  • Look in the window in which you first started the Pathway Tools (the window with the Unix shell). If you see a listing similar to the following, then an error has occurred. Please file a bug report to tell SRI about the error.
    Restart actions (select using :continue): 
    0: Return to Pathway Tools command level
    1: Pathway Tools top level
    2: Exit Pathway Tools
    [changing package from "USER" to "ECOCYC"]
    [1] EC(3):

    The software is in a state called a “break” and you are interacting with a debugger. You can probably resume operation by typing :continue followed by the number of the line on which the text “Pathway Tools top level” occurs. In the case shown here you would type :continue 1 followed by Return.

    If restarting did not work, try typing (exit) to exit from the Pathway Tools (if you exit, you will lose any KB updates in the current session that you have not already saved; to attempt to save those changes, type (save-kb) before typing (exit)). You will now be back to the operating system, and you can execute the Pathway Tools anew.

  • You can try to interrupt Pathway Tools by typing the Control-C character in the original window in which you invoked the software (you must move the mouse to that window). Once the Pathway Tools receives the interrupt, you will see a listing similar to that shown in (3), and you can restart or halt the software as described under (3).
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