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Error when starting pathway-tools

asked 2021-07-28 09:28:37 -0500

mdubois gravatar image

updated 2021-07-28 09:29:53 -0500


I'm trying to start pathway-tools in web server mode but I get the following error:

::: Starting Pathway Tools WWW server at XXX (hidden because of insufficient karma)

init-aqp: Current selected organism is: ECOLI

init-aqp: all-selectable-slots, done init-aqp: all-selectable-classes, done

gen-schema.js: There are 2 organisms available for this server. Generating schema.js file, for advanced query, at pathname '/var/tmp/microcyc/htdocs/schema.js'. init-aqp: gen-schema.js, done Warning: Setting process-child-stack-allocation is only effective with OS threads. Finish initializing ECOCYC-FRAME Opening Navigator window. Error: NIL' is not of the expected typeNUMBER'
[condition type: TYPE-ERROR]

Restart actions (select using :continue): 0: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.

[changing package from "COMMON-LISP-USER" to "ECOCYC"] [Current process: EcoCyc Cwest Server] [1] EC(1): Evaluation stack:

Following the doc, I entered :zoom :count :all :verbose t on the command line:

call to ERROR required arg: EXCL::DATUM = TYPE-ERROR &rest EXCL::ARGUMENTS = (:DATUM NIL :EXPECTED-TYPE ...) function suspended at relative address 446

->call to SRI:DISPLAY-ENV optional arg: SRI:DISPLAY-ENV = NIL function suspended at relative address 518

call to ECO &key BORDER = :UNSUPPLIED &key WIDTH = 900 &key HEIGHT = 900 &key TOP = :UNSUPPLIED &key LEFT = :UNSUPPLIED &key NEW-FRAME = NIL &key X-DISPLAY-ENV = :UNSUPPLIED &key ANSWER-LIST = :UNSUPPLIED &key CLIM-DEFAULT-SERVER-PATH = :UNSUPPLIED &key FORMS = :UNSUPPLIED &key SYNROUTE? = NIL function suspended at relative address 726

[Current process: EcoCyc Cwest Server]

Any idea ?

We use version 24.5. Sorry for the poor formatting of the message, I couldn't make better.

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-08-02 05:03:29 -0500

mdubois gravatar image

Any idea ?

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