How To Complete The Dragon Slayer Quest On RuneScape

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Talk to the guild grasp within the Champion's Guild, and he will inform you to go to Edgeville to talk to Oziach about getting a rune platebody. When you have a magic degree over 33, simply kill him and telegrab the piece/kill him with a halberd and take the piece via the bars. Find another piece within the dwarf mines. You have to a wizard thoughts bomb, crayfish pot, a sheet of silk, and an unfired bowl. When you've got all of the objects with you there is a door that has no handle. He will tell you to get three pieces of a map to get you to Crandor. Find map piece 1 on a goblin within the Port Sarim jail. Click on the door and it will open, then open the chest and there can be a bit in it. He will ask you to present him 10k for the piece.

Find the final piece is in a home southwest of Falador. Kill the level 19 Ghosts with the hood till you get the identical colour key that the door is. Kill creatures to get the colored keys that match the coloured doorways. When you open the wrong colored door you'll have to do it once more for all colored doors. Kill the extent 24 zombies to get a blue key then kill Melzar the Mad, a degree 43 wizard till you get the coloured key. Open the final door and the chest behind it, and you'll have the entire map pieces. Kill level 22 skeleton with the circular shield until you get the colored key. Finally, kill a stage 82 Lesser demon (use a Silverlight sword in case you have one, obtainable from the Demon Slayer (quest rewards OSRS), unless you will have a rune or dragon weapon) until you get the last colored key. Kill the second smallest rat with the longest tail to get a purple key to open the red door. Protection from magic helps.

Note that this is the toughest part of the maze. He will crash at the island however don't panic! He will take you to the island. Then click on the final piece and the two which might be put together and you'll have the total map. Climb over the wall and go inside. Go to Draynor Village and talk to Ned in the underside of the ship. Go to the highest of the island and down the outlet. Equip your trusty stabbing weapon, your adamant/rune armour, your anti-dragon/dragonfire shield and load your stock with emergency escape gadgets (teleport runes) and meals. There may be one other manner out after you are executed. To make the map, click on on one after which another to mix them. There is a room with a dragon in it. Talk to Klarense. He has a ship you should buy for 2000GP. When you buy the ship you'll need ... (more)

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