How To Complete The Dragon Slayer Quest On RuneScape

asked 2021-02-17 22:34:16 -0600

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Talk to the guild master within the Champion's Guild, and he will inform you to go to Edgeville to speak to Oziach about getting a rune platebody. If you have a magic degree over 33, simply kill him and telegrab the piece/kill him with a halberd and take the piece by the bars. Find one other piece within the dwarf mines. You will have a wizard mind bomb, crayfish pot, a sheet of silk, and an unfired bowl. When you will have the entire items with you there is a door that has no handle. He will tell you to get three pieces of a map to get you to Crandor. Find map piece 1 on a goblin within the Port Sarim jail. Click on the door and it'll open, then open the chest and there might be a piece in it. He will ask you to offer him 10k for the piece.

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