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Is it possible to obtain older versions of Pathway Tools?

asked 2019-12-26 01:38:50 -0500

Chris gravatar image

updated 2019-12-26 01:39:28 -0500

I'm having difficulty with Pathway Tools 23.0 when trying to build a PGDB because of errors I encountered when trying to upgrade my reference database (posted in this website under the title "Getting "Object is not coercible to a frame for KB METACYC 22.0" Error when creating PGDB using Pathologic"). I'm using a Windows 10 machine.

I'm considering installing older version of Pathway Tools either 18.0 or 21.5. Is there any way I can obtain the installer to these versions?

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answered 2019-12-27 02:40:31 -0500

Suzanne Paley gravatar image

I'm sorry, we do not make older versions of the software available. In fact, we have just released version 23.5, so if you're planning to install another version in order to build a new pgdb, we recommend you get the latest version. I will look into your other problem with the upgrade as soon as I can.

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