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Pathologic: Is there a way not to show progress windows

asked 2017-12-12 00:03:19 -0500

Daniel gravatar image

When running Pathologic, in particular the build step, there are a lot of progress windows opened. They interfere with everything I do in the meanwhile. Is there a way to not show them? (Progress is echoed in the main window of Pathologic too, so, for me, there's no need for them.)


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answered 2017-12-14 22:31:59 -0500

JW Carlson gravatar image

I, too, have seen some windows appear even in batch mode. One way to fully suppress them is to use xvfb-run to run in a virtual X enviroment. This is my command line:

xvfb-run pathway-tools -no-cel-overview -no-web-cel-overview -disable-metadata-saving -nologfile -patho input

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answered 2017-12-13 15:09:08 -0500

Suzanne Paley gravatar image

When running pathologic in batch mode, you shouldn't get any progress windows, but I don't believe there is currently any way for users to turn them off when running via the gui. If you'd like to suggest this as an enhancement request, please send email to

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FYI, in our 22.0 release, due out in a month or two, we do a better job of suppressing all the progress windows in batch mode, and also offer a way to suppress them when running through the GUI. Thanks for the suggestion.

Suzanne Paley gravatar imageSuzanne Paley ( 2018-03-06 01:08:09 -0500 )edit

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