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asked 2017-08-04 14:46:52 -0500

anonymous user


Hi, Installation went fine, but when i try to run the program, I get following error. Any ideas?

Version of Pathway Tools, ie 19.0 etc: EcoCyc and MetaCyc for Linux 64bit Platform (ie Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 etc): Centos Linux 7

Warning: Loading failed with error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. ; Foreign loading ; Foreign loading ; Foreign loading ; Foreign loading ; Foreign loading ;; Optimization settings: safety 1, space 1, speed 3, debug 1. ;; For a complete description of all compiler switches given the ;; current optimization settings evaluate (EXPLAIN-COMPILER-SETTINGS). An unhandled error occurred during initialization: Attempt to call

("InitializeMyDrawingAreaQueryGeometry" 139760719063152 0 2

139760719063152 8) for which the definition has not yet been (or is no longer) loaded.

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answered 2017-08-18 12:56:19 -0500

ptools-admin gravatar image

This particular error is a result of missing X libraries. Did you review the installation guide and system requirements?

Note, we only support the current version + the previous version. The current version is now v21.0. So we will support v20.5, but not anything older. The newer versions are likely to be more compatible with recent computers. Is there a reason why you're using v19.0? That version is known to have library issues with newer OS installs.

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Asked: 2017-08-04 14:46:52 -0500

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