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Kinetics of Metabolic Pathway

asked 2017-06-10 11:30:58 -0500

anonymous user


Hi, I would like to get the kinetics of GABA Shunt? How can I get the information from the pathway map

Thanks, Natasha

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answered 2017-06-12 12:13:19 -0500

rcaspi gravatar image

Hi, When you look at the pathway in MetaCyc (, click on the individual enzymes. When the enzyme page loads, click on the reaction tab. If kinetic information is available in MetaCyc, it will be listed there (see for example

Another good resource for kinetic information is the BRENDA database. After looking at MetaCyc you can write down the EC numbers that are involved, and then look up these EC numbers in BRENDA. You will find lists of enzymes from many organisms, many of which are curated with kinetic data.

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Hi, Thanks a lot for the wonderful explanation.I looked up for the kinetic information(Km and Vmax) of the enzyme :glutamate dehydrogenase 2 in BRENDA and biocyc.I could not find the Vmax values.How do we find the Vmax values? Thanks again

Natasha gravatar imageNatasha ( 2017-06-13 01:44:08 -0500 )edit

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