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Just to clarify: this command is used to update a PGDB with changes that have been made in MetaCyc during the time that passed since that PGDB was created. Updating is only possible for PGDBs that are not a part of the image. For example, if you download the basic version of Pathway Tools, it comes with MetaCyc and EcoCyc built into the image. Both of those PGDBs can't be edited, so if one of those is selected as the active PGDB, the "Propagate Metacyc Data Updates" command would be grayed out. Similarly, if you download the version that includes all of the tier 2 PGDBs, all of those would be built into the image and not editable. So you always need to make sure that the PGDB that you are editing did not come with the original image. Once you installed the basic version of Pathway Tools, you can add any PGDB via the Registry. All of the PGDBs added in this way will be editable, and this command will be enabled when you select them.